Time Is Right For School Wellness Magnet

Imagine a high school in Lexington with a cutting edge magnet program – wellness – where students can prepare for health-care fields, and where fitness and good nutrition are school priorities.

Anita Courtney, Director of the Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition, already has imagined such a program – and recommended it to Fayette County Schools during an annual School Wellness Report meeting in January.

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District administrators have said they would consider the idea. Courtney believes that it could be a win-win for students and teachers, and it could start a domino effect across the state.

Not only could they pursue a health sciences curriculum, but all would benefit from attending school in a health-conscious environment.

Imagine desks that allow students to exercise while studying, a walking track, workout and relaxation rooms where students do yoga and practice meditation, a school garden and lots of natural light in the building.

Plus, food would not be used as a reward, all students would get exercise time daily and at school celebrations half of the food choices would be healthy.

“All of these things are proven to enhance health and academic performance,” Courtney said.

Other states already have these magnets – Kansas, Arkansas and Florida.

So why not Kentucky, a state that consistently ranks near the bottom in childhood obesity statistics?

Kids spend so much of their time in school that making those environments as healthy as possible should be a top priority.

Kids not only would improve their fitness, they would probably boost their grades. Countless studies have linked proper fitness to improved cognitive function.

Good ideas like this always need encouragement. Let your FCPS representative know that this is an idea whose time has come.