Meet the Fit Family Challenge Team

Lexington Family Magazine’s 2016 Fit Family Challenge Team has several members – each one equally important during this eight-week health initiative that runs May 1-June 26.

•The Spotlight Families

Two families were chosen to publicly share their stories during the Challenge. These families will blog about their fitness goals and their progress, and we will share their updates in the magazine each month.

•The Experts

We have recruited personal trainers, a nutritionist and a life coach to pair with the Spotlight Families.

These experts will meet face-to-face and create a plan to get each family member on track to meet their health and wellness goals.

The experts will also blog throughout the Challenge, providing tips and information through our e-newsletters.

•The Participants

This means you. Every person who signs up for the Challenge is an important part of our team.

We will send you a weekly e-newsletter loaded with fitness content, set up free exercise classes around the community you can attend, and give away prizes to keep you motivated to stick to the program.

You can win prizes just by signing up. Starting April 1, the first 100 families to register are automatically entered to win a three-month membership to the YMCA, a Fitbit fitness tracker or tickets to the Red River Gorge Zipline.

Visit today to register. Welcome to the team.


Gore-LifeCoachLife Coach
Kelly Thorne Gore
Life & Business Coach, iBloom
Psychology BA and 10 years as a Certified Life Coach

“I’m looking forward to teaching families how they can be intentional about creating a life they love. Often times we just get caught up in life and we forget to take a  step back to evaluate and make necessary changes.”


Lora Jody
Owner of Advanced Nutrition Therapy, LLC
Nutrition BS, RDN, LD

“I hope to provide the Spotlight Families with the tools needed to improve their health as well as their confidence in taking charge of the foods they eat and using them to their physical advantage. I also hope to empower them with nutrition knowledge that will be utilized permanently to improve their health and their children’s future.”


Chaz Clifford
Wildcat Fitness in Heartland Shopping Center
Kinesiology Exercise Science BA

“The biggest thing I would like to help this family achieve is the balance aspect of health and wellness, as well as crushing every stereotype they might have about fitness/personal trainers. Make them believers because a lot of things can be accomplished through fitness, not just the appearance aspect that gets so heavily weighed upon.”


Flourish TeamTrainer
The Team at Flourish
Sarah Darby, Kerry Tuttle, Tara Stamper,
Remona Hunter and Tonja Harding

“I want you to know that when you take the time to refuel, you will have more to give to those you care for most. When you are rundown and not making time for yourself, it will catch up with you.” – Tara Stamper, owner


Register April 1 For Chance To Win Prizes

Need an incentive to help you get a shape? How about a free Fitbit or tickets to the Red River Gorge Zipline or a free three-month membership to YMCA of Central Kentucky?
All you have to do to qualify for one of those cool prizes is register for Lexington Family Magazine’s 2016 Fit Family Challenge.
Be one of the first 100 families to register and you’re automatically entered to win.

To register, visit
Info: (859) 223-1765 or

The Boyd Family

Jennie Boyd familyMEMBERS: Jennie, 42, Doug 46 / CHILDREN: Charlotte, 12, Kathleen, 10, Eleanor, 8

HOMETOWN: Lexington / SCHOOL: Charlotte (Edythe J. Hayes Middle), Kathleen and Eleanor (Athens-Chilesburg Elementary

OCCUPATION: Jennie, former director of museum tours at the Kentucky Historical Society, now stay-at-home mom. Doug, Director of the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at UK.  EDUCATION: Jennie: Brown University, B.A, history and American civilization. Doug, Denison University, B.A. history;  Indiana University, MA and PhD in folklore.

Their Story:  No one in the Boyd family is anywhere near obese, but looks can be deceiving. “I’m squishy,” Jennie said. “I lack muscle tone and strength. I’ve never been athletic, so I can’t wait to get advice on improving my fitness level.”

Doug is just as excited about being selected as a Spotlight Family. He played high school and college soccer, but back injuries limit what sports he can do now.  Doug needs an exercise plan that will allow him to get fit with activities that don’t cause pain.

The Boyd daughters are active. Charlotte plays select soccer year round. Kathleen participates in Girls on the Run at school, and Eleanor plays recreational soccer.

With the girls’ sports, after school activities, and the family’s other commitments, dinner time can be a challenge. “Our meals are often pretty rushed,” Jennie said. “I feel like I’m always making the same things over and over again. I’m interested in vegetarian options but wind up making a lot of pasta. Enough with carb-based meals!”

Mom and dad need guidance on incorporating exercise into their daily lives and sticking with healthy food choices.

“I’m not good at setting specific health goals.” Jennie said. “I’d like to lose 10 pounds, but what I really need is more stamina and energy. We are so ready for positive changes in our lives.”


The Jackson Family

Rhonda Jackson familyMembers: Rhonda, 30 / Children: Victoria, 14, Larae, 11

Hometown: Lexington / School: Both girls attend Bryan Station Middle

Occupation: Part-time teacher at Bryan Station High, part-time worker at UK Disability Resource Center, and substitute teacher for Fayette County Public Schools

Education: Rhonda: UK undergraduate degree in family and consumer science education, and master’s degrees in business management (University of Phoenix) and education (EKU). Taking classes for principalship certification  (Asbury University).

Their Story: As a single working mother, Rhonda struggles to fit exercise and proper diet into her busy day. When asked if she has enough time to exercise, she answered, “No, but I do.”

Currently, she takes a Zumba class after school at Bryan Station High. The family also eats healthy meals when they are home, which is rare because everyone is involved in so many activities.

Both girls are members of FCA, the school track team and archery club, and help with childcare for Step by Step, a mentoring group for young, single moms.

Victoria plays the cello and dances with Kiddie Kapers. Larae plays the violin, acts in school plays, is on the school news crew, student council and competes on the academic team.

Originally from Chicago, Rhonda enrolled at UK as a single mom, earned her bachelor’s degree and then two master’s degrees.

She taught full time at Crawford Middle but was laid off after two years when school enrollment dropped.

Working as a substitute adds another element of uncertainty to the family’s schedule.

She also volunteers at Step by Step and the Nerd Squad that tutors schoolchildren. Rhonda sits on the Board of the Central Music Academy and sponsors the Black Lives Matter club at school.

While juggling all those commitments, Rhonda hopes the Fit Family Challenge will improve the family’s eating habits (“especially with snacks,” she said) and boost their exercise time.

“We don’t have a specific weight loss goal,” Rhonda said. “We’re excited about this chance to make lifestyle changes so we can be a healthier family.”