Brain Boost Helps Fifth-Grader Bloom

Zoe LeggBy Kimberly Hudson

A math whiz in the fifth grade at Stonewall Elementary, Zoe Legg, 11, is a gifted student with a sweet disposition and a delightful sense of humor.

Zoe gets good grades and is an avid reader even though she struggles with her communication skills.

When it comes to writing and social situations, she stumbles when trying to translate the thoughts in her head to speech and the written word.

Not surprisingly, this undermines her confidence.

As the problem persisted, Sheri Legg brought her daughter to The Curious Edge, which specializes in treatment of dyslexia and other language and cognitive difficulties.

Owner Kimberly Hudson, an experienced therapist, tested Zoe. Her diagnosis confirmed Sheri’s suspicions – language processing disorder.

So nearly a year ago, Zoe started treatment – 90 minutes a day, five days a week during the summer, gradually tapering off to twice a week this school year.

Zoe participated in the Brain Boost program, tailored specifically to meet her needs.

The program was fun for Zoe. She alternated between computer-based and hands-on exercises. She worked with puzzles, recall exercises and quick cadences – all designed to increase her processing speed.

“Kimberly was very good about making sure the process was fun for Zoe,” Sheri said. “If it wasn’t, Kimberly would change what they were doing.

“The whole staff was very big on celebrating successes. That really helped Zoe’s confidence.”

Everything else developed as well.

“Her conversational skills have improved and she is better in school when it comes to answering open-ended questions,” Sheri said. “She is better with conceptual thinking.

“She is less frustrated and needs less direction. Her organizational skills have also improved.”

These changes come at the right time – Zoe begins middle school in the fall.

“She is better prepared for that now, and I think she feels that way, too,” Sheri said.

“I’m very glad we got this treatment for her.”


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