HB 144 Commission Opportunities

If you want to hear the latest developments in disability-related services or share your ideas for improvement, the HB144 Commission is an ideal place to start.

The HB 144 Commission is formally known as the Kentucky Commission on Services and Supports for Individuals with Intellectual or Other Developmental Disabilities. It was created in 2000, when Kentucky’s General Assembly passed House Hill (HB) 144.

The HB 144 Commission was created to advise the Governor and the General Assembly concerning the needs of persons with an intellectual disability and other developmental disabilities.

The Commission consists of people with disabilities and family members, like those featured in these two articles.

Key state agencies that provide related services are also represented.

HB 144 Commission meetings are held quarterly in Frankfort.  For 2016, meeting dates are March 3, June 2, Sept. 8, and Dec. 8.

All meetings are open to the public. Each meeting includes presentations about “hot topics” such as changes to Medicaid Waivers, and time for public comments.

Info: visit: http://dbhdid.ky.gov/ddid/commission.aspx#