No. 2 in U.S. But Not Resting on Its Laurels

The Lexington School was recently listed No. 2 among private schools in the United States, by The Best Schools, an independent online resource providing school rankings and recommendations.

The ranking was a welcome accolade for  Marijo Foster, a 38-year faculty member and Lower School Head. In a recent interview, Mrs. Foster talked about the ranking.  

  1. What was your initial reaction to the No. 2 ranking?
  2. I immediately began thinking of how we need to stay there. I went through all the reasons why I thought we had earned that distinction and was planning ahead to the next set of innovative initiatives.

The fact is, many schools are now following in the footsteps of our great programs, so they will be just as eligible for this honor as we are… unless we keep pushing ahead.

I have been at The Lexington School for 38 years, and I have witnessed the ups and downs (yes, there have been some) of this special place. 

Right now we are at the apex of the school’s journey, and it makes me very happy that a national ranking service has chosen to recognize us. 

I’m happy, but I’m not satisfied, and our Head of School won’t allow us to be.

  1. Why No. 2 in the country? What sets The Lexington School apart?
  2. Not only does TLS try to teach courage to students, we try to practice it in our planning for the future.

It is courage that helped us start entrepreneurial programs like Intramurals, Applied Music Lessons, College Planning, and Camp Curiosity.

And it was definitely courage that motivated us as we opened The Learning Center (a school within a school for language-based learning differences like dyslexia).

Our teachers had courage to embrace Mission Skills engaging students in a completely different and wholly effective way. So in a word, it’s COURAGE that sets us apart, the courage to try new things and take risks. 

  1. What good comes from a ranking like this?
  2. The Lexington School has become a role model for other private schools in our country.

Recently it has gotten back to us that one of our respected professional organizations is recommending that other school people visit TLS because The Lexington School “does it right.” 

Because of these acknowledgements, we get visitors from other schools from all over the country. I love that we inspire other educators, share ideas and innovative methods that they take back to their own school communities. I love that we can have that kind of positive ripple effect.

  1. What is your favorite feedback from visitors to TLS?
  2. EVERY time, they say something like “It is so obvious as you walk through the halls of this school that EVERYONE loves being here – teachers, parents, students, administrators. Everyone.”

All I can do is shake my head yes because it’s true. We are a happy team. We work hard because we… okay I’ll say it – we totally love school.”