Baby’s Wellness Kit

From runny noses to bumps and bruises, having a well-stocked first-aid kit is vital for parents.

First, choose a child-proofed container to keep all wellness products together to find quickly when needed, and a storage location out of reach of small hands. Make sure any medication bottles include dosage instructions before you throw away the box.

Here are some of our favorite items for your medicine cabinet.

Mommy'sBlissMommy’s Bliss

Tummy troubles are common for babies. Mommy’s Bliss has 100% natural ingredients that even the youngest of babies can use. Keep Gripe Water on hand to help with gassiness, Constipation Ease when baby is having difficulty releasing their bowels, or use the Probiotic drops for introducing new foods, gas, diarrhea, constipation, or to soothe a colicky baby.

Editor’s Pick: “I’ve been using the gripe water for several weeks and noticed a huge difference for my four-month-old son. I love that there is a ‘nighttime’ version and that it is all-natural ingredients. We give it to him right before bed and we enjoy a night without crying and discomfort from a gassy belly.” -Katie Saltz



Mommy’s Kisses

When your baby becomes mobile, the occurrence of bumps and falls increases dramatically. These animal pouches hold a gel pack that can be used for heat or cold, to soothe any boo-boo your little one may get. The gel insert can be removed and the outer pouch machine washed, plus they come in several animals themes.



Also called “The Snot Sucker”, this nasal aspirator has top reviews from moms everywhere. When baby has excess snot, this suction device helps release that gunk so your baby can breathe. It may make some moms squeamish to be sucking on the end of the tube, but there is a sponge filter in place to make sure nothing gross gets through.


BoogieWipesBoogie Wipes & Mist

Before you use the aspirator you may need to loosen up that nose gunk. The Boogie Mist performs this unpleasant task quickly, and the Boogie Wipes are gentle on little noses that need wiped often. Both are easy to toss in a diaper bag if you need them on-the-go.



This quick-reading thermometer works in tandem with a free app to track your child’s symptoms and medication history. Plug it into your smartphone and let the app remember the important info you need. If you need to call your pediatrician, you’ll be able to rattle off the fever history accurately.