At Galilean Christian, Students Learn Compassion, Tolerance

The Galilean Christian Academy is about giving quality, affordable Christian education to any student who wants it.

Galilean has always and will continue to have a sliding scale tuition to fit the needs of a given student whether it be for the day or boarding school.

The Academy, opened in 1987, is a project of Galilean Home Ministries; this partnership makes the campus unique. Students and teachers have an opportunity to learn real-world compassion and tolerance while seeing ministry in action.

The Galilean Home has 30, full-time residents ranging from severely handicapped to compromised abilities while also housing Born Free Ministries, which takes in babies for incarcerated mothers as an effort to keep their families together.

There are opportunities, as part of the curriculum, to be involved in community outreach on campus and in rural south-central Kentucky.

Galilean is accredited through curriculum that is “based on the principle of mastery learning. Students master content in each unit work text before progressing to the next.”

Galilean offers boys basketball, girls basketball and girls volleyball sports teams.

Transportation is available, at no extra cost, in Casey, Russell, and Pulaski Counties.

Info: Day school (606) 787-4199 or 5120.

Boarding school (606) 524-9162.