Parental Resolutions: New year Is Time For Change

A review of statistics about New Year’s resolutions suggests that the simple act of making a resolution makes it 10 times more likely that you will be successful than if you don’t make a vow to change. 

The desire to do things differently really does matter!

Parents who want their children to make resolutions to be cheerful, cooperative, obedient, kind and diligent need to consider how their own resolutions will make those changes possible.

Influence is a far greater power than control.

Here are some suggestions for resolutions for parents to consider:

• Listen before I respond and be curious rather than angry.

Say, “Let me think about it.” Let my yeses and nos be clear.

• Treat my child with respect.
• Apologize when I make a mistake.
• Greet my child with a big smile whenever I see her.
• Keep my electronics away during the evening. Set limits for the family.
• Spend time together.
• Go out into nature and find something new.
• Splash in puddles.
• Read.
• Look at the stars and wonder… often.
• Before saying, “Get up!” say, “Hello, Sunshine” and offer a hug.
• Find a way to make the morning routine less stressful and more relaxed.
• Visit the humane society and play with the animals.
• Involve children in decisions about meals, outings and trips. Value their opinions.

Just making a resolution and attaching a time or number of times to it makes you more likely to carry through.

Sharing your plans with another person bumps your success rate up another notch.

If you need even a little more incentive and encouragement, take a parenting workshop or course.

The Parent and Family Enrichment Center is here to help.

Remember, it’s the everyday things in everyday life that matter most to your children.

Those are the things they will remember.

Lesley Iwinski is a Lexington mother of three grown children, a family physician and Executive Director of The Parent and Family Enrichment Center, Inc. and Growing Peaceful Families.
She offers classes, workshops and seminars based on the work of author Kathryn Kvols.
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