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What to Do When Birthdays Fall Only Days Apart

One of the unwritten rules of motherhood is to make sure your children feel special on their birthday.

But what if you’re a mother whose kids have birthdays just a few days apart?

Do you have more than one cake at a party?

Or is it an imposition to invite the same people to two or more parties a few days apart?

Nichole Satterwhite, a mother of five children and expecting baby number six, has learned how to handle this situation for her family.

Among her children, Madison (16 years old) and Chase (9) have birthdays three days apart in September.

Mia (4) was born on Feb. 26, and Macy’s (6) birthday is March 1. Lost in that shuffle is March 2, Nichole’s birthday.

Her husband, Justin, was born on June 4. The due date for child No. 6?

You guessed it. June 4.

From the beginning, Nichole decided to have separate parties for her kids.

This decision was motivated by the belief that her children are only small for a short time and they deserve to feel special on their birthdays.

As a stay-at-home mom, Nichole loves to plan parties.

And she’s learned the art of the no-pressure party by taking it on as fun project.

She’s thrown ninja parties, hosted a lemonade stand themed party and had a Red White and “Two” party when her daughter

Morgan turned 2 on July 2.

With five children, her own birthday can seem like an afterthought. But Nichole isn’t complaining.

“As long as I get some time to myself in a bookstore with a cup of coffee, I’m happy.”