The Curious Edge: Giving Thanks For Student Success

By Kimberly Hudson

As I reflect on 2015, I am humbled by the number of students who have been positively impacted by the services of The Curious Edge and The Reading Room. Our intervention model has achieved the following victories:

• Helped a struggling high school student read a novel for fun – for the first time!

• Enabled high school and college students utilize their visual strengths to learn course content and improve their grades.

• Increased ACT scores, making students scholarship-eligible because we prepared them for life and didn’t teach to a test.

• Gave a high school student the courage to accept a sports scholarship at an academically rigorous university because she had the tools for academic success.

• Helped a college student learn how to take her notes and reading material, make visual study guides, and pass three courses she had failed during two previous semesters… with A’s and B’s.

• Taught a 10-year-old a strategy to study her spelling words that improved her test scores from failing to 100.

• Turned a 15-year-old’s “Everything is Stupid!” to “Every time I come here I learn something.”


These successes have taken place in our clinic. Each one is exciting and potentially life changing, and each one made us want to expand our reach and multiply the number of positive outcomes.

How have we accomplished such outcomes? We work with students to close learning gaps by empowering the brain to function at an optimal level to achieve academic success.

Did you know The Curious Edge is a not-for-profit educational foundation? We are:

• Working to educate our schools about best-practice models to improve reading and spelling skills.

• Developing our on-line resources for students, parents and professionals.

• Partnering with universities to improve student outcomes.

• Developing pilot programs to bring our clinical successes into the classroom.

While our mission is sound and our passion is bountiful, our reach is only as far as our support system.

This is the season for giving. Would you consider joining with us to empower EVERY student for academic success?  You can make a tax-deductible donation on our website:


   Info: (859) 899-3343(EDGE) or