State of The Arts

lex-school-girl-with-cameraThe Lexington School Offers After-School Fine Arts Programs

The Lexington School has put the Arts on equal footing with athletics with the launch this year of the school’s After School Fine Arts Program.

While student athletes participate in after-school sports (TLS offers a full slate of sports from lacrosse and football to cheerleading and archery), now artistic-minded children of all ages can explore visual, music and theatrical art options during the fall, winter and spring seasons.

Not only does this program create more parity between arts and athletics by offering arts programs five days a week, but it also serves two additional purposes:
— To foster creativity among children
— To connect students with local creative artists who teach the after-school programs.

Some of those programs include “Create-A-Play” with Lexington Children’s Theatre, “Press Pass” Photography Club with Jo-Ellen Fischbach, “UkulAcorns” Ukulele groups with Mick Jeffries, “Tableaux Vivants” with Jeorg Ellen Sauer and Sallye Staley.

Plus, “Creative Movement Ballet” with Rafaella Risco, “So What’s Your Story?” with author Sarah V. Combs, “LKD Fascinators and Hats Design” with Fielden Willmott Millinery, and “The Art of Functional Design” with artist Blake Eames.

Under the leadership of art teacher Sarah Heller, TLS issued a call for proposals from multiple artists in the Lexington area.

“We received an incredible variety during our first year,” Director of Admissions Beth Pride said.

“What I love about the program is that it speaks to developing a passion for the visual and performing arts in kids who may or may not be interested in sports while connecting them with creative professionals from the Lexington community.”

In addition, other than equipment costs, the program is funded by The Lexington School in large part due to the generous proceeds from The Simpson Family Art Endowment.

The response to the program has been overwhelming from students.

“Most of the programs filled in the first week. It’s been very well received,” Pride said.

For Heller, she is gratified that her school honors the Arts as much as athletics.

“It is wonderful to work in a school that thinks about reaching all of its students,” she said.

“Kudos to TLS for thinking creatively, for bringing the arts community in, and for forging a new landscape for after school programming.”

The Lexington School is a private, independent school serving children in preschool through eighth grade. For information about the Arts program, visit