Diaper Decoding

Rolled Up Diaper

Baby poop is a common sight for new parents. But do you know what is considered normal poop, or when you should call a doctor? Check out our guide below for the different kinds of poop you need to look out for:

The Norm with Baby Poop

Meconium: This is the blackish, sticky “tar” poop that makes up your baby’s first few bowel movements. This will only last for a few days after birth.

Breastmilk Poop: Yellow or green color is usual. It will be mushy or runny. You may notice seeds, almost like a cottage cheese consistency. This is totally normal for breastfed babies.

Formula Poop: Formula fed babies tend to have more brownish bowel movements. It will likely be pasty and sticky, and have a stronger smell than a breastfed diaper.

Iron-Supplemented Poop: If your baby is taking an iron supplement, you can expect dark, almost black poop.

Warning Signs

Pebble Poop: If the diaper reveals hard poop that looks like pebbles, it’s probably caused by constipation. If this continues for more than a few diaper changes, or if you notice any blood, call your pediatrician for tips on relieving the constipation.

Mucus Poop: Slimy green poop can be a sign of allergies or infections. Sometimes lots of undigested saliva can cause a mucusy appearance and is not a cause for concern, but if it continues for more than a few days, call the doctor.

Red Poop: Any signs of blood in your baby’s poop should be reported to your doctor. Bright red color means fresh blood and might be caused by tiny hemorrhoids or tears.

Black Poop: This can mean blood as well, but it’s just been digested. If mom is breastfeeding and has cracked, bleeding nipples, this might be the cause. Otherwise, call your doctor to make sure it’s not a deeper issue with your baby’s intestinal tract.

White Poop: Not exactly white, but pale or chalky poop is a sign of liver issues. Call the pediatrician ASAP.