Create a “Lactation Station”

Mother breast feeding baby girl

Breastfeeding babies often eat around the clock, so take the time to create a relaxing place to nurse your baby. You’ll be spending a lot of time there!

Start with a comfortable chair, couch or even your bed, and then stock up on these items to make your feeding sessions easier.

-Water bottles. Hydrating is vital when you are breastfeeding. Aim to drink a tall glass or bottle of water every time your baby nurses.

-Easy snacks. Breastfeeding burns calories, so make sure you are eating enough to keep up with your baby’s hunger. Stock up on granola bars, trail mix, crackers and other food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and is easy to eat with one hand.

-Soft lighting. You want to keep night feedings as dark as possible to help your baby tell night from day. A nightlight or low-watt bulb in a lamp will do the trick.

-Phone charger. Buy an extra charger for whatever electronic device you want on hand for entertainment. You may spend the time dozing or staring at your precious baby, or you may want to read or surf the web. Have a charger just for your nursing area so you aren’t constantly searching for one to take from room to room.

-Extra pillows. Your arms and back will get tired quickly, and your baby will just get heavier every day! Keep extra pillows on hand to prop up your arms or consider buying a “Boppy” or nursing pillow for support.

-Burp clothes. Spit happens, so buy a big pack of burp clothes and keep them nearby to clean up the baby and yourself as needed.

-Nursing pads. A big letdown can soak your clothes, so keep extra nursing pads nearby in case you need to change them quickly.

-Extra blanket. You may doze off after a late night nursing session. Add your favorite blanket to those extra pillows to stay comfy or in case you get cold while you are stuck in position with an eating baby.

What would you add to create the perfect “lactation station”?