Veritas Christian Academy Enrollment Grows Rapidly

veritas-elijahFor parents looking for an innovative bridge between homeschool and private school, Veritas Christian Academy offers a hybrid co-op that successfully fuses classical Christian education and traditional homeschooling.

“Classical education has been tested by time and used by generations, and we are traditional in our outlook,” Upper School Director Joshua Powell said. “And we teach the classics through a Christian lens.”

With a curriculum based on Latin instruction and classic literature, Veritas Christian Academy focuses on preparing students to work independently and learn time management skills through a university model.

Within this model, students attend a classroom with curriculum and teaching provided for two or three days a week.

All formal instruction and science labs are hosted during these days.

During the other days, students remain home with parents to focus on reinforcing their school work in a homeschool setting.

This is especially helpful for students who plan to enroll in college. There is no longer a “jarring transition from high school where students are monitored by a teacher five days a week to college where they are given more freedom,” Powell said.

The Veritas system obviously works because the school has grown quickly.

The school opened in 2011 with only 19 students – JrK through eighth grade.

Four years later, enrollment has surpassed 90, including the addition of the high school grades.

The school still maintains a 10-1 student to teacher ratio, offering a full curriculum for all grades, including electives for high school such as health, P.E., personal finance and life skills.

Private music and art instruction also are available.

Veritas offers parents flexibility to spend time with their children while providing a traditional, classical education.

Said Powell: “This provides families a good balance, which is really at the heart of what we offer.”