Parenting Questions

Each month we consult with experts – our readers! – about parenting and ask a question on our Facebook page. September’s Question was:

What is the one question an expectant mom should ask a care provider?

  • “I think the most important question to ask is how they feel about the birth plan you’ve come with for yourself … If their thoughts and beliefs regarding your birth plan don’t seem to match up with yours, they might not be the best fit for you.” – Sara Fett
  • “What are their delivery statistics?” – Ruth Willoughby
  • “Will you support my wishes and evidence-based care throughout pregnancy, labor and birth?” – Johanna Dufort Hunt
  • “I like to ask if my doctor will be present at my child’s birth. Some doctors share partners that help out when needed. So if my doctor may not be available for the birth, I like to schedule appointments with the other physicians as well.” – Bridget Geiger Reed

October’s Facebook Feedback Question:

What is the craziest method you have heard about ways to jump start labor at home?

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