18 Ways for You to Win on Our 18th B-day

Lynch-fade-You’ve heard the old adage countless times: It’s better to give than to receive.

We’re putting that maxim into practice this month at Lexington Family Magazine, where we are celebrating our 18th birthday.

Wow! Nearly two decades since my wife, Dana Tackett, and I moved from Los Angeles to Dana’s hometown to raise our son Jack, who was 5 at the time.

Dana has a large extended family in Kentucky, and we knew this would be a good, supportive place to raise Jack.

We were right. Jack, 23, still lives in Lexington, and he sees us and his extended family all the time.

As Jack grew up, so did our magazine. As we nurtured Jack through childhood, the community was supporting our magazine.

In turn, our mission has been to serve Central Kentucky families.

To be given that opportunity for 18 years has been a blessing, and we’re grateful for every day.

So, before we worry about blowing out the candles on our cake, we’ve embraced the giving spirit.

Not that this is a new experience for us.

Every month we give away tickets, presents and products from three of our business partners.

Not this month. We’re giving away all kinds of goodies from 18 of our partners.

That’s six times as many chances for you to win something cool this month.

We’ve got everything from birthday parties, museum tickets, gift cards, free lessons, even a free ride on a zip line over the Red River Gorge. (Please see Page 5).

To win, simply visit our web site (www.lexingtonfamily.com), click on contests and fill out a form.

But remember, first you must find the icon of the smiling lady’s face placed in one of the advertisements in this issue.

So good luck and thanks for letting us enjoy 18 years of serving Central Kentucky’s families. Y