My New Heartbeat

I sat down to type this column knowing that by the time it prints, I will most likely have a new baby at home. This late in a pregnancy, we all have to ask if we are “ready.”

Well, ready or not, the time has arrived.

And in so many aspects, I’m certainly not ready.

Our crib is not assembled. I have piles of baby clothes, but none are sorted or washed.

The car seat is still sitting in my hall closet.

Not one piece of décor adorns my little boy’s nursery.

It’s all still in the box labeled “Baby’s Room.”

With my first child, these were all vital things on my “To-Do” list by the ninth month of pregnancy.

Being “ready” as a first-time mom was much more tasking.

AM  I Ready for My Son’s Birth? Absolutely

I had my many checklists from the Internet to complete!

I realize in retrospect that I focused on my home being ready because emotionally, I was riding a roller coaster.

This time around, my home is a disaster but the anxiety isn’t as strong.

Now the only things I really fret about finishing are stocking my freezer with easy meals, and making sure all my affairs are in order for my maternity leave at work.

Everything else seems like it will get taken care of … eventually.

Even if it takes a few months to get those Winnie the Pooh curtains hung, I know my son won’t hold it against me.

His needs are actually few – a boob to eat from (check and check), a soft (but not too soft) place to sleep, and clothes to keep him warm (he won’t care if they are his sister’s pink hand-me-downs.)

So the next time someone asks if I am ready for this baby to be born, I will think of the unpacked boxes and the pile of crib parts sitting on the floor and simply say, “Absolutely!”

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