My Favorite After School Activity

By Lynne Willis

Lexington Family asked a handful of students in the area what they most enjoyed doing after school. We discovered there are some talented and ambitious kids out there. This is what they had to say…


Colson Cornett, 12

7th grade
Southern Middle School
Parents: Tiffany & Jeremy Cornett of Lexington
Activity: Baseball

“I love to play baseball after school. I love everything about it – it keeps me active and it’s fun. I really love sliding.”




Katherine Atwell, 7

2nd grade
Lansdowne Elementary
Parents: Brandy Atwell & Patrick Harris of Lexington
Activity: Dance

“I like dance because it’s
fun and I have friends in my dance class. When I
am older I want to be a famous dancer like the
ones on the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance!’”



Lexi Borck, 7

2nd grade
Stonewall Elementary
Parents: Karla and Craig Borck of Lexington
Activity: Tumbling

“I love tumbling because it’s fun to do cartwheels, back handsprings, round offs and standing tucks. I want to be a UK cheerleader someday, so I have to get really good!”




Rylan Hayes, 13

8th grade
Veritas Christian Academy
Parents: Corry and Ben Hayes of Nicholasville
Activity: Basketball

“My favorite after school activity is basketball. I love meeting other kids and getting to learn new things. It’s awesome when my team works great together to win
a game worth winning.”




Abby Bix, 11

6th Grade
Jessie Clark Middle School
Parents: Dana and Greg Bix of Lexington
Activity: Girl Scouts

“I get to spend time with my friends, I get to learn how to be an entrepreneur, and I get to do crafts.”




Wes Leggin, 11

7th grade
Bryan Station Middle
Parents: Allison and Seron Leggin of Lexington
Activity: Band/Percussion

“Being in band is my favorite activity because I like the beat of music, getting it right and making up my own rhythms. I love performing in front of other people and having them cheer for me after I’ve worked hard and I’ve done my best.”