Hospital Visitor Etiquette

HospitalVisitorsImageWhen a friend or family member welcomes a new baby in to the world, you may feel as though you can’t wait to meet the new arrival.

But before you rush off to the hospital, keep some of these tips in mind:

-Wait for mom to say she is ready. Even if she said before that it would be okay, a lot can change once labor is over. Send a text or call to ask if you can stop by, and ask when she would like you to come.

-Come bearing gifts. It doesn’t have to be an actual baby gift, but there might be something Mom needs. Whether it’s a special food or some extra socks, find out what she could use and bring it.

-Wash your hands. There should be a sink in the hospital room and hand sanitizer everywhere. If you are feeling sick, or know you’ve been exposed to illness recently, do the right thing by the newborn and do not touch.

-Don’t bring a crowd. The hospital recovery room is likely not very large, so don’t overwhelm the space with a huge group. Talk to other family members and try to coordinate so you don’t all arrive at once.

-Ask permission. Before you start snapping photos of the new baby, ask the parents if it is okay to take pictures. They may have some requests about sharing photos on social media or privacy concerns they want to establish.

-Be punctual. Mom may have scheduled your visit around a feeding time, so stick to the time she tells you.

-Observe and react. Is mom yawning and nodding off? Time to go. Is she chatty and seems eager for conversation? Go right ahead! Reading mom’s cues is the best rule about visiting. She may not feel her best, so be considerate of any signs that she is uncomfortable.