Traveling Late in Pregnancy

PregnantTravelImageTraveling while pregnant has many ups and downs. It may be for a much-needed pre-baby vacation, or for a family or work function that can’t be missed.

Wherever you are headed, make sure you are prepared and stay safe along the way.


Be Prepared:

  • Look into travel insurance. If your trip gets cancelled at the last minute, you won’t lose all the money you’ve already spent. You never know when an issue may arise, even with the perfect pregnancy.
  • Keep your doctor’s phone number programmed in your cell, your travel companion’s cell, and write it down somewhere.
  • Pack a record of your medical history and any pregnancy-related issues that would be pertinent in an emergency. Your travel companion should know all this information as well.
  • Research a doctor in your destination area and have their number and address handy- just in case.
  • Know the route from your lodging to the nearest hospital.

Road Trips:

  • Stretch those legs. Take regular bathroom breaks on a road trip so you can get out of the car and move around. During the drive you can do calf exercises by lifting each foot and twirling it around several times.
  • Wear your seat belt the right way. The lap belt should go under your baby belly and across your hips. The shoulder belt should be between your breasts, and off to the side of your belly.
  • Keep plenty of snacks and drinks accessible during the drive.

Plane Travel:

  • Flying close to your due date should be discussed with your care provider before you buy that ticket. Discuss all the risks and possibilities beforehand, including any special instructions you may need for staying healthy during a lengthy flight.
  • Know the airline’s policy about flying while pregnant. Print out the policy and bring it to the airport with you. You may need a doctor’s letter of permission to travel, so get that in advance if necessary.
  • Request an aisle seat so you can walk about when the “seat belt light” is turned off and keep your circulation moving. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to run to the bathroom as needed without climbing over your neighbors.
  • Keep your prenatal vitamins and any other medications in your carry-on in case your bags get lost.