Testimonial From Ed Mader Family

Hospice-Madeer-familyBy Kim Livesay

One of the things we at Hospice of the Bluegrass hear most often from families is, “I wish we had called sooner.”
The family of Ed Mader – his wife Agnes and 13 children – voiced their appreciation for the quality of life Hospice of the Bluegrass care gave their husband/father.
In a letter they wrote:
“The family of Ed Mader would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful care you gave Dad since entering hospice care last summer.
“He always looked forward to your visits and had grown especially fond of his primary nurse.
“Each of you tended to Dad as if he were your own father.
“You showed love and compassion for him and our entire family.”
They ended their letter with this:
“There is so much we have to thank you for, but perhaps the most profound was the time we spent with him during the night of his passing, with the suggestion that each family member take a private moment to say goodbye.
“Each of us did that and Mom went last. As she kissed him he took his final breath.
“His passing was peaceful and pain free and the experience will stay in our hearts forever.”

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