My New Heartbeat

New-Katie-photo-nov-2014Last month I pondered how different my second baby would be from my first. I was mostly thinking about personality and physical appearance, but one striking similarity hit me full force:

Both of these children are going to need me. Probably at the same time!
For the past four years, I have focused all my attention on one little girl. I had just one little voice calling my name, and I could run to it whenever needed.
Slowly, I’ve started to accept the idea that soon there will be two voices – one will be nothing but crying noises – but two separate people will need me to respond to their calls.
It seems obvious now, but it didn’t truly sink in until someone asked me about how I’ll manage the morning routine with two kids going to two separate childcare locations.
My first thought was, “Who gets dropped off first?” Will CeCe feel slighted if I send her to school and drive off with her brother in the car?
When will I sneak in that valuable one-on-one time with her anymore? Will we ever be alone together ever again?!
This is a bittersweet (and slightly dramatic) realization for a parent entering Round Two. Your dynamic duo of Mom and Kid is about to become a Trio.
CeCe will have to be told to wait. To be patient. To hang on while I finish something for the baby.
She will get less of me, no matter how thin I try to spread myself. This phase of our lives is ending and it was a great run.
As one of three children, I know that this isn’t the end of the world.
My parents still found ways to make each of us feel noticed.
As a sibling, I learned many valuable skills that I use in adulthood – sharing, dealing with people you don’t like all the time, and the general knowledge that the world doesn’t revolve around you.
So while I mourn that my days of being a “onesie mommy” are over, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of sibling my daughter will be.
There is a new side to her personality ready to emerge once this baby arrives, and I can’t wait to meet it. Y