Curious Edge: Back to School News: Reading Can Be Helped


By Kimberly Hudson

Does the term “Back to School” elicit happy thoughts or a wave of anxiety?
My children are always excited about the social aspect of returning to school, but that excitement is often diminished by thoughts of cramming for tests, writing papers and reading without fully comprehending the passage.
On and on I could go with the daunting aspect of “Back to School.”
I have found that many of our students do not have confidence in their ability to adequately prepare for a test.
They turn to verbatim memorization, rather than actually learning the material.
Would you believe me if I shared that there is a fun, engaging way to help students of all ages (even college students) learn material for a test?
It is a simple strategy that takes you back to your younger years of rudimentary drawings.
Does your student know the steps involved in writing a more concise paper?
Does he know the parts of grammar?
Does he know signal words for reading, writing and note taking?
Does he know how to properly write a simple, compound or complex sentence?
These concepts are crucial for academic success, no matter your age, and are basic components covered on the ACT.
I was in New York, attending an ACT training, and the founder of this successful company stated, “You can’t make them stronger readers” once they are in high school.
You simply have to teach them reading strategies and move on, he said.
This should be the least area of focus during ACT Prep, he said.
I thought my head might pop off of my shoulders.
At The Curious Edge, we have averaged 10.5 point increases in reading on the ACT.
His head nearly popped off when I shared that statistic with him.
We have a proven formula to improve reading, whether it is for ACT testing or completing a course.
Students are never too old to dramatically change their reading ability.
Whether you are looking for ACT Prep or a more successful academic year, we have solutions to make your smart student smarter. Y