What a Kick: My New Baby is a Ninja

I remember the first time I felt my daughter move inside my womb. It felt like sweet little butterflies were brushing their wings against the inside of my belly.

The first time I felt this new baby kick felt like – well, like I was being kicked in the stomach… by Bruce Lee.

I began whining about this baby’s kicks early on. By 17 weeks I was feeling strong blows, strong enough to cause me to suddenly jerk my body or let out an exclamation of surprise.

Anyone around me thought I was developing a tic.

This baby is a ninja. He is a break dancer. He is a soccer player.

He spins like a rotisserie chicken all day long, and I suspect he is using his umbilical cord as a jump rope at times. He just doesn’t stop.

Some people thought I was exaggerating his movements, but our ultrasound technician confirmed my experience.

“Wow – he won’t stop moving!” she said at our sonogram appointment.

My daughter also got to experience the dance party firsthand when she tried to rest her head on my stomach. Within minutes she felt a kick in the side of her head.

For a 4-year-old, it didn’t quite matter that her baby brother cannot see or hear her to know he accidentally landed a foot to her temple.

She was indignant about his rudeness.

I try my best not to complain that I have a healthy, strong baby growing inside of me.

But his constant pummeling made me realize how incredibly different this second pregnancy is from the first.

I knew my children would be unique individuals, but I didn’t realize how early on those differences would appear.

My docile first baby would simply tickle my tummy to let me know she was okay.

This new little dude wants me to know that he is here and ready to rock.

I guess I should accept these differences now, since they are certainly just the beginning.

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