Treatment Helps UK Student Rescue Her Academic Career

ashley-glassEver since UK student Ashley Glass of Georgetown suffered a concussion as a junior in high school, schoolwork became a struggle.

The 21-year-old from Georgetown was homeschooled until the ninth grade and graduated from Somerset Christian School before enrolling at UK as an agriculture business major. (She will switch to business management in the fall.)

In college, homework took two to three times longer than before and she had trouble retaining information. “When I would take a test, my mind would go blank,” she said.

Not surprisingly, she grew discouraged.

“I failed a handful of classes and I was struggling to get C’s,” she said. “It really took a toll on me.”

Academically, she bottomed out in March this spring semester when she was failing all of her classes. Her mother, Cathy, a teacher at Blue Grass

Baptist School, heard good things about The Curious Edge in Lexington and sought help for her daughter.

Initial assessment confirmed Ashley’s experience – weak working memory with signs of ADHD and dyslexia.

Her therapist recommended note cards, an unconvincing suggestion as far as Ashley was concerned.

“I had tried note cards before and I didn’t want to do it. I tried it but reluctantly,” she said. “But it was crazy how fast I got at it. And I retained most of the information, too.”

That’s probably because in addition to coaching and tutoring, Ashley worked with Cogmed, a computer game program that improves working memory by taking advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity.

Again, Ashley was hesitant.

“At first I thought, it was so stupid. How is this going to help? I was very suspicious,” she said.

But her therapist at The Curious Edge persuaded her to try. Good thing she did.

Suddenly, she could retain information and she slashed her homework time.

“It was a tremendous help,” she said. “I thought I was going to fail all my classes but I didn’t. I actually got an A in one.

“They are so sweet (at The Curious Edge). They care about you and they want you to do well. I was amazed how quickly I changed in such a short time. I would recommend this 100%.”