Teething Tools and Toys

Your baby’s first tooth may come without any tears at all, or it may be the start of a long, fussy road. Teething can be painful, but the remedies for soothing the discomfort are vast. Check out some of our favorite teething tools below to help you and your little one on the way to a toothy smile.

Teething Jewelry

Mom can look chic while baby chews away on her jewelry with some cute teething jewelry. It’s important to remember that the jewelry is for Mom to wear- not baby.

Our Favorites:

TeethingBlingSmart Mom Jewelry– Their Teething Bling is made from medical-grade silicone, with no phthalates, BPAs, lead or latex. These come in cute pendants, chunky necklaces, and bangle bracelets so you can mix and match your teething accessories.

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ChewbeadsJaneChewbeads– These 100% silicone beads are non-toxic, and for the “Easy Care” Bonus, dishwasher safe. Chewbeads come in vibrant colors and several bead shapes so mom can match her personal style.



“Cold” Toys

Something as simple as a damp washcloth out of the freezer may appease your baby’s gums.

When choosing a water-filled teething toy, remember they are meant to be chilled in the refrigerator-NOT completely frozen. When your child breaks their first tooth, the risk of puncturing the plastic increases. Choose these toys with caution and check them often for leaks or punctures.

Our Favorites:

Munchkin Mesh Feeders- Drop an ice cube, or frozen baby food cube, into the mesh and lock the top. Your baby can chomp on the bag and feel the ice against his gums without accidentally swallowing anything too large.

“Chew” Toys

Your teething toolkit will likely include several good, old-fashioned chew toys. Check out the labels when purchasing these to ensure they are free of chemicals, and keep in mind they may be worn through fairly quickly.

Our Favorites:

RazTeetherRaZ-Berry Teethers: The RaZ-Berry is modeled after- you guessed it- the texture of a raspberry. This bumpy design allows baby to apply pressure against the bumps and relieve some of that pain from their gums. This silicone product is a best-seller and comes in several colors.



SophieGiraffeSophie the Giraffe- The phenomenon of Sophie the Giraffe began in France decades ago, and is still popular across the U.S. The shape provides reach to the back molars as well as front teeth, and Sophie even has books and plush toys to accompany her teething counterpart.



Amber Jewelry

AmberTeetherAmber jewelry is a popular trend for moms who want natural relief for baby’s teething pain. Amber beads are meant to be worn by the baby and are said to trigger a naturally-occurring substance in the body that has an analgesic effect on the baby’s gums.

Some moms swear by this method, but safety is the utmost concern. Necklaces pose a major strangulation risk for babies Parents should be monitoring the baby at all times if they choose to use an amber necklace.

Selecting a reputable company is also important. Moms trying to save money may end up with a “knock-off” necklace, so make sure you research the company before you make a purchase.

Tablets and Gels

Orajel and Hyland’s are common names in teething products for babies. Even your local drugstore likely carries a house brand of teething medication. Before you buy, visit the FDA’s website to make sure there are no recalls on the product. Your pediatrician might also be a good source for a recommendation of a teething medication.

Tablets and gels aren’t inherently “bad” for your child, but diligence and research should be used when selecting which kind to use.