“My Uterus Is fine. Thanks for Asking”

You hear a lot of medical jargon over the course of a pregnancy. My midwife appointments are full of talk about body parts, internal organs, and fluids I didn’t even know I produced.

While I expect this in a medical office, I recently realized how easily all these subjects integrated into my daily conversations.

Hearing my husband ask, “How’s your uterus today?” has become completely normal.

Over coffee, I talk to my friends about cervical dilation, and I ask other moms about losing mucus plugs like I’m asking if anyone has seen my sunglasses.

I will still say “excuse me,” but the acid reflux burps aren’t something that redden my cheeks anymore.

They are simply a byproduct of my pregnant condition and I’m just too tired to feign the modesty anymore.

Before motherhood, I never would have asked my husband to grab an extra pair of underwear for my purse “in case I sneeze and pee a little.”

But I’ve concluded that once you’ve had a baby, there is little on this planet that can embarrass you.

Some women may try to preserve modesty and keep quiet about all the awkward things that occurred during pregnancy and labor.

But we all know the truth – you probably dealt with hemorrhoids and a leaky bladder just like the rest of us.

I’ve found it’s freeing to be able to talk about these things with my spouse, my mom or my friends.

You don’t bring on unnecessary anxiety by thinking, “Is this appropriate? Should I just keep these thoughts to myself?”

Just let it go, and talk about what you need to talk about. Maybe by normalizing the jargon and the conversation, we can let go of any nervousness we have about pregnancy and labor.

So if your uterus feels weird today, just say so. And maybe tomorrow someone will ask you if it’s feeling better.

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