Gender Reveal Ideas

GenderRevealRevealing the sex of your unborn baby in a festive way is a huge trend, and one that can be fun for family and friends. Here are a few unique ways to announce the gender of your baby!

Balloon Test: Have one blue and one pink balloon. Poke or cut a small hole in whichever color does not represent the baby’s gender. Let mom and dad each blow one up, and the balloon that inflates will reveal boy or girl!

Confetti Pop: Especially fun for other children in the house, buy an empty piñata at a party store or dark, neutral colored balloons and fill with blue or pink confetti. When the little ones bust it open, the revealing color will fall out.

Scratch-Off Cards: A great way to send the surprise to long-distance friends, you can make DIY scratch off cards using silver acrylic paint and dish soap. Print a postcard with Boy or Girl options, and then paint over the answers. When they scratch away the paint with a coin, they’ll find out the baby’s gender.

Eat Cake: If you want to be surprised along with your guests, ask the ultrasound tech to write down the baby’s gender and seal it in an envelope. Take the envelope to a bakery and ask them to bake either a blue or pink cake underneath neutral icing. When you cut into the cake, you’ll be just as surprised as everyone else! If you want to bake the cupcakes yourself, simply carving out a small hole in the middle and filling it with colored icing will do the trick!

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