When You’re Ready to Start Trying

Trying to conceive can be an exciting time for a couple, but also a stressful time. Conception may not happen in the first month, and that leads to many mixed emotions. Here are some simple tips for women when they decide they are ready for a baby.

Live a Pregnant Lifestyle Now. Start taking a prenatal vitamin the day you start even thinking about getting pregnant. Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and eat healthier in general. All these changes can dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthier pregnancy overall.

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Fertility Friend AppGet Tracking: Women can start charting their cycle on a regular calendar, or you can use many different tools to help you keep track. Apps like Fertility Friend are free and let you track your cycle on your phone.

Disposable ovulation tests can be found at any drugstore, but these are one-time use and you may need several over your journey to get pregnant.

OvaCueMobileAnother option is a reusable monitor like the OvaCue Mobile Monitor, which has sensors that plug into your iOS phone and let’s you know when you will be the most fertile. It predicts ovulation up to seven days in advance, and has great results even for women with irregular cycles.

Use Local Resources: Finding support is a major part of this journey. Baby Moon in Lexington has Massage for Fertility if you want a natural approach, plus a Yoga for Fertility class if you want to connect with other hopeful moms in person. If you prefer to stay anonymous, just search for an online forum where you can express your feelings and find encouragement. A good support system can help you stay positive!

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