Planning the Best Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower should be fun and low-stress for the expectant mom. The days of traditional showers have given way to co-ed parties, second-baby showers or even a shower where mom helps with most of the planning.

The only “right” way to plan a baby shower is one where the mother-to-be feels appreciated and loved. So here are our tips if you are the coordinator for the mom’s big party.

1) Choose games that fit the mood. has a Baby Shower Game Generator, where you can search for the perfect activities that suit your guest list.

Categories include ice-breakers if you have many guests who are not acquainted, office-appropriate games, active vs. low-key games, and printables to make prep work easier.

They even have a downloadable PDF of 35 Baby Shower Games that you can print and let you co-planners view as you choose what games fit your group.

2) Determine a budget- of money AND time. Pinterest is inspiring, but easily gets you in over your head. If you know you don’t have much to spend, check out some DIY decorations boards. If your schedule is packed and you don’t have hours to make tissue paper flowers, then let the party store supply the goods.

3) Let mom in on the guest list. Nothing is more awkward than realizing you forgot to invite Grandma to the baby shower. Ask mom for a list and let her double-check that no one got left out.

4) Take notes. Designate a “thank you card” secretary. As mom opens gifts, jot down who gave it and some details about the item. You can even set up a table where guests self-address an envelope so mom can get those thank you cards out in a jiff.

5) Enlist help. Mom will need help loading all the gifts in her car at the end of the shower, or help cleaning up if the party is in her home. Accept the offers from people to stay and pitch in- it will make the clean up quicker and lets mom worry about one less thing.

Want a list of our favorite baby shower games? Check out that article here!