Mom Says Kimberly Hudson Is a ‘Godsend’

Zachary Larkin, 14, began struggling with letters in the first grade.

He pushed through but by second grade he was confused about the sound that each letter made.

Then, he was diagnosed with ADHD, and he was assured he would eventually catch up.

Zachary, with the help of his mother, Cinnamon of Lawrenceburg, kept pushing through each grade.

But by seventh grade, things fell apart. Zachary was unhappy and homework was a constant struggle.

He didn’t want to read – words on a page were like a guessing game for him.
He could not do multiplication or division. He could barely add and subtract.

His mother moved Zachary to Frankfort Christian Academy in hopes that the smaller, private setting would help.

Ruth Fitzgerald, the Student Services teacher at FCA, asked if Zachary had ever been tested for dyslexia.

Curious Edge was called and Zachary was tested.

The test results devastated Cinnamon. Her son was dyslexic.

She felt hopeless – all her dreams for Zachary seemed gone.

She felt that she had “lost the child that she had dreamed of.”

Initially, Zachary began going to Curious Edge three times a week for an hour.

In the summer, he started a more rigorous schedule of five days a week for an hour to 90 minutes.
Because of his struggles he had become introverted and quiet.

As he worked at Curious Edge, his extroverted personality returned. And he was smiling again. English seemed like a foreign language. He now knows how to read.

Just last week he scored an 88 on an English test. “We were ecstatic,” Cinnamon said.
Zachary calls Kimberly Hudson of Curious Edge his second mom.

“I know she loves him as much as I do,” Cinnamon said.

“I’m so overwhelmingly proud of him. We have healed over the past 18 months.

“If it hadn’t been for Kimberly at Curious Edge, I don’t know where we would be.
“She is truly a godsend.”