Easy Baby Food Tips

Fresh produce season is almost here, and using it to make your own baby food can be simple. Here are a few basic tips to get started:

No-Cook Favorites: If you don’t have time to steam, bake and soften the produce, pick ready-to-mash fruits and vegetables. Avocados, bananas and berries require no cooking before they can be smashed. Just consult with your pediatrician about allergy concerns before trying strawberries.

BabyFoodBlendsMixing for Taste: Do not be surprised if green beans aren’t an instant favorite. Many veggies are an acquired taste for babies, and mixing with fruit is a good way to ease a baby into the flavor. Apple, pear, or peach puree can add a natural sweetness while your baby learns to like the greens. Gradually reduce the amount of fruit and your baby will get accustomed to the vegetable taste without a fuss.

Freezer Storage: Making big batches of baby food can save you time and money, and purees freeze well. Use an ice cube tray to freeze the baby food into 1-ounce servings, then store in a Ziploc bag. That way, you only thaw as much as you need for any given meal. (Plus, it makes blending flavors a snap!)

MunchkinMeshFeedersSelf-Feeding: Learning to use a spoon is a skill that many children don’t master until the first birthday. Mesh feeders are a great way for your baby to enjoy a snack of fresh fruits or vegetables, with less work for the parents. Simply drop some cubed produce into the mesh, and let your baby gnaw away. Bonus: When baby is teething, slip a frozen puree cube into the feeder and it will feel great on his sore gums.

What tips do you have for baby food prep or storage?