Breastfeeding? There’s an App for that!

PregnancyAppsBy Doraine Bailey, MA, IBCLC and Christina Busse, MS, RD, LD

A wide variety of smart-phone applications are available to help you navigate and document your pregnancy and breastfeeding experiences.

This shortlist provides free options you can download from the iPhone app store or the Google Play Store.


Apps for iPhone

Baby Feeding Log

This app logs baby’s feedings, diapers and sleep time. Easy to use and very helpful for moms.

Express Yourself Pumping Assistant

This app keeps track of how much milk you pump. It also offers the chance for moms to set up a slideshow or record baby crying or laughing to make letdown easier.

Eat Sleep

This app allows mom to track eating, sleeping and diapers. It also allows the user to view trends with each.

iBaby Log

This app allows mom to track all of baby’s activities such as feeding, nursing, play time and any meds given. It also allows mom to share the information with other caregivers.

Apps for Android

Breastfeeding Tabulator

This app allows mom to record both bottle feedings and nursing times. Also, it allows mothers to set reminders for future feedings.

Baby Care

This app allows to track baby’s diapers, feedings, sleep and growth. Also allows mom to fill in baby’s diary, add photos and share information with friends.


This app allows mom to keep track of feedings and which side was used. App is able to track multiple children.

How to Treat Baby Colic

This app offers information on colic symptoms and offers tips on how to handle colic. It also offers book reviews that help with more information.

Available on both platforms


Find breastfeeding-friendly health care professionals, support networks, and even public places that accommodate breastfeeding moms through their extensive search functions. Crowd-sourced, so you can add your own suggestions.


This app allows moms to look up any medications they are going to take and find how it affects lactation and the infant.

Baby Nursing/ Breastfeeding

This app allows all of baby’s activities to be tracked, including baby’s growth. App plots measurements on a growth chart to track progress. User friendly and easy setup.

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