Brain Training Can Help College Students, Too

As most parents know by now, if your high school senior has not chosen a college, he has until May 1 to decide.

Once the selection is made and your child is enrolled in college, the next step is making the transition from high school to college.

The first year in college can be the most challenging. New freedom, new friends, new surroundings and college class work can be daunting for any 18-year-old.

When students start college, they face many choices – from individual classes to when and where to study.

In the absence of the structure that high school provided, a new college student must establish his own study habits.

LearningRx brain training, based on the neuroplasticity of the brain, is a powerful way to enhance your student’s learning ability.

The power behind brain training is found in its ability to identify, target and strengthen a student’s cognitive skills.

The program uses nonacademic training exercises that strengthen the brain’s core mental abilities, including processing speed, attention, memory, auditory and visual processing, and reasoning.
The program centers on intense game-like exercises such as Mental Tic Tac Toe, Needle in a Haystack, 20 Questions and Poetry.

These exercises provide students with the ability to learn material easier and faster, memorize and concentrate better and have greater confidence in and out of the classroom.

These key skills are every student’s foundation for successful learning and, if overlooked, can create lifelong problems.

Brain training identifies a person’s weaknesses and strengthens them through specially developed exercises.

Brain training works because it “rewires” the brain by building new neural pathways to help the brain perform more efficiently.

Brain training results in an ease of learning.

College students benefit from LearningRx when they apply faster processing and enhanced memory skills to the university curriculum.

It’s never too late to learn faster, easier and better.

Brain training through LearningRx will help the student in every class throughout the college years and beyond.