Katie Goes for Two: She Is Due in August

Four years of writing about babies, toddlers and parents has been like therapy. We refer to my column as my “rants” because they so often revolve around me complaining, whining  or ruminating over the less glamorous parts of parenthood.

It’s very cathartic to share my experiences with you, readers. Because I’ve heard feedback that many of you feel the same way.

I’ve written about how braggy moms are the bane of my existence.

I lamented our disastrous experiences with potty-training, and admitted how long nights of teething sometimes made me want to reach for a bottle of something other than breast milk.

The mess, the exhaustion, the judgmental glares you feel in the grocery store when your baby isn’t wearing socks – all have been parts of motherhood I didn’t necessarily enjoy.

These parenting moments have been annoying, frustrating and downright gross.

And I can’t wait to do it all over again.

We’re so excited to share that we are expecting our second child this summer.

Our 4-year-old is ready for a sibling, and my husband and I are ready to redo that third bedroom in our house.

I blogged about pregnancy with my daughter, but I know I’ve probably forgotten plenty about it since then.

Like when my midwife reminded me that eating unheated lunch meat is a no-no. All I wanted was a cold Subway sandwich.

I often over-share my thoughts about babies and parents in my rants, and it will be no different this time around.

My body is going to do weird things and other parents are probably going to tick me off with unwanted advice.

So let’s get ready for round two! We’re in the second trimester, and I’m taking notes.
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