Curious Edge Adds New ADHD Screening

By Kimberly Hudson

As we enter March, the school year is rapidly nearing the end.

It’s getting late for some to totally transform a disappointing year.

To prevent a similar scramble next year, it’s time to consider the benefits of The Curious Edge.

We work with elementary through college-age students who are struggling in the classroom.

To pinpoint a student’s overall strengths and weaknesses, it is imperative that a multi-perspective assessment be administered.

Classroom struggles are often linked to language because of slow processing skills, secondary to a poor working memory, etc.

Once strengths and weaknesses are identified, we can make educationally relevant recommendations for intervention and accommodation.

New ADHD Screenings
The Curious Edge is proud to announce that we now offer ADHD screenings that provide clear data measuring a person’s state of being attentive, impulsive, distracted and disengaged.

We have the first speech-language pathologist certified to administer this assessment in the country.

And The Curious Edge is one of two practices in the state of Kentucky with this equipment.

Data is clear and concise, helping to determine if ADD or ADHD is a factor impairing a student’s educational success.

Once baseline data is gathered, we are able to monitor whether intervention strategies are increasing attention and decreasing impulsive and distracted behaviors.

Different Learning Styles
Knowing your student’s learning style aids in our ability to teach study skills.

Students will learn the best format to take notes, read information and study in a manner that is suited to their learning style.

This can transform a student’s ability to actually “learn” rather than simply memorizing long enough to take an exam.

All students have underlying cognitive skills that guide how they navigate academics.

These skills include auditory processing, visual processing, working memory, and logic and reasoning.

Whether you are trying to improve classroom success, ACT scores or prepare for the Praxis exam, our clinical staff is equipped to bolster cognitive processes.

Consequently, this can improve efficiency and overall classroom success.

We can turn failing grades into A’s and B’s, while boosting confidence and self-esteem.