Baby Moon in Your Own Backyard

BabyMoonPhotoA baby-moon can be the perfect way to relax with your loved one before your little one arrives. These trips are often seen as visits to exotic locations or fancy spas, but a great baby-moon can happen close to home.

If you prefer a big city atmosphere for your vacation, Louisville and Cincinnati are a short drive on the interstate. Lexington is also surrounded by small towns chock full of quaint inns and bed & breakfast options if you prefer something low-key.

Two great resources for finding baby-moon specials near you are and You can also sign up for Groupon and find deals on hotels, restaurants and all sorts of professional services.

If hotels and travel are out of your budget, you can still have a memorable baby-moon with your partner. Take a weekend to say no to housework and chores, and explore your city like a tourist.

  • Attend a show. The Lexington Opera House, local university productions, or the Norton Center for the Arts are all great places to look.
  • Check out some art. UK Art Museum or the Lexington Art League have information about exhibits and galleries you can visit.
  • Have a spa day. Find a location that offers prenatal massage and see if they will combine that with a couple’s treatment.
  • Ditch your regular restaurant. Take a couples cooking class, visit the local Farmers’ Market and prepare a new meal together, or simply eat out at that local restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, but never find the time.
  • Walking or Driving Tours. At, you can request a free map of a walking and driving tour that highlights the history of the Bluegrass area.

Whether you take a plane or stay at home, keep the purpose of a baby-moon in mind when you plan- to connect with your partner and relax while you can.