TFCA Mixes Tradition With 21st Century Learning

Twenty years after The Frankfort Christian Academy opened as a non-denominational, independent Christian School specializing in high quality education with strong Biblical foundations, the school proudly embraces 21st century learning.

TFCA, which serves preschoolers through high school seniors, offers various programs enabling students to reach their full potential.

The school has a student services department with two full-time teachers who work with students with learning differences.

For gifted and talented students, the “Step Up” program is offered to fourth through eighth graders.

Advanced Placement and dual college credit courses are available to high schoolers, something not found in many private Christian schools.

High school classrooms have a 21st century look thanks to a 1 to 1 iPad program in which all students and teachers work with the Apple devices.

TFCA’s vision is to “prepare future generations of Christian leaders to impact their world for Christ” in the 21st century, Principal Carrie Beth Tigges said.

TFCA encourages Christ-like servanthood in homes, churches and communities.

Each grade from preschool through 12th adopts a ministry and participates in fundraisers throughout the year to support campaigns such as soup kitchens, orphanages and animal shelters.