Brain Training Can Help Ease Symptoms of ADHD

Every classroom has its challenges, but for some students the obstacles related to learning can be traced to one issue: ADHD.

ADHD is a common childhood disorder that is caused by a genetic anomaly in the brain tissues, resulting in thinner tissues in the areas of the brain generally associated with attention.

Some symptoms of ADHD include: inability to focus fully on one task for a sustained amount of time, inattentiveness in dialogue, difficulty following instructions, incessant talking and constant movement.

Many children diagnosed with ADHD are treated with medication such as Adderall and Ritalin without fully addressing the fundamental causes of ADHD.

These medications merely hide the issues of ADHD, many times with serious side effects to the child.

LearningRx, a company committed to helping students with learning disabilities overcome classroom obstacles, addresses the underlying issues of ADHD, by focusing on three types of attention: sustained, selective and divided.

The first type, sustained, is the ability to remain focused and on task.

The second, selective, is the ability to remain on task in spite of whatever may be distracting in the environment.

And the third is divided, which is the ability to perform a mental operation as well as take in new information.

Through a process called Brain Training, LearningRx strengthens the brain in these key areas, enabling students to develop stronger, faster, more efficient thought processes.

Much like the muscles in our bodies, our brains have weak points that can be strengthened with simple workouts.

Brain training focuses on the weaker areas of the brain associated with attention and strengthens them until they are more proficient and powerful.

Each session with LearningRx helps develop new neural pathways that allow the brain to function more efficiently.

Clients with ADHD report the success of LearningRx through testing in classrooms, and in the outside world.

One mother of an ADHD child stated after LearningRx, “George no longer takes his medicine for ADHD because there is no reason to take it anymore.”

For students struggling with ADHD, LearningRx can offer relief and success, both in the classroom and in their daily lives.