Sitting Is the New Smoking: Walking the Walk at LFM

john-on-treadmill-deskAs I write this article, I am walking at a nice steady pace on our new treadmill desk at the office.

We have taken to heart (pun intended) the current mantra that sitting is the new smoking.

Countless studies show the ill effects of sitting for long periods, a fate to which we office workers have been condemned for far too long.

No more at Lexington Family Magazine.

Since we installed the desk in October, the machine gets a vigorous workout, reaching the point where we can’t wait for someone to get off so we can get on.

Granted, we’ve had to learn to type as we walk.

My typing – three-plus decades in journalism and I still type like a rookie – was off the charts atrocious at first. I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Next, my colleagues joke, I’ll be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. One challenge at a time.

The installation of the new piece of office equipment dovetails appropriately with our publication schedule. Our November issue has an aging focus and this month we release the 2015 edition of our Successful Aging Resource Guide.

Fitness and successful aging are bywords around here, especially for me, a late starter in the parenting biz. I’m 42 years older than our son, Jack, so if I want to play with his children, I better stay in shape.

That’s my motivation as I step on the treadmill desk every day.

So we’re not just talking the talk here at Lexington Family. We’re walking the walk – in our case, literally