Helping Others Succeed Is Her Holiday Gift

By Kimberly Hudson

During this holiday season, I have much for which to be thankful.

The path I have traveled has opened doors for my passion.

Looking back on each step of my journey, I see how those experiences made me a better clinician.

Currently, I am privileged to work with scores of students, schools, teachers and adminis-trators all in an effort to open doors of oppor-tunity for students.

Recently, I have helped a college student pass a Praxis exam that was a hurdle to her pursuing the field of Special Education.

I am pleased to say that she has passed and received her acceptance letter from the University of Kentucky Teacher Certification Program.

I also work with a middle school student who was told he was mildly mentally retarded.

My first interaction with this young man confirmed how grossly inaccurate this “label” was.

He completed an intense cognitive intervention program and came to me beaming about his perfect 100% A on a test and 90% on two quizzes.

His mother proudly shared his report card containing all A’s, B’s and a C, for the first time ever.

Another college student, who is currently completing a program to increase his processing speed and working memory, reported that he made it through copious amounts of reading in record time.

A high school girl shared how she had avoided reading in front of the class and now it’s so easy for her.

She further explained that she is getting through her homework much more quickly and with greater ease.

She excitedly explained that she currently has all A’s and two high B’s.

“I feel that school is so easy after working with you,” she said.

And then she hugged me!

Finally, after preparing a visual study guide for a student who had been unable to pass his permit exam, he was confident as he went to take his test for the fourth time and passed.

Because of our intervention services, two students are able to remain at their rigorous private school.

Tears roll down this mother’s cheeks as she was at the end of her rope and did not know what else to do to help her kids achieve academic success.

Story after story reminds me how blessed I am to give these young people the tools for success.

They are our future!