Are These Disney Movies Or R-Rated Thrillers?

Disney movies were a staple of my childhood. My parents can attest to the hours spent rewinding a VHS tape of “The Little Mermaid.”

I thought I’d enjoy watching these classics with my daughter, but as an adult, I pick up on a lot of darkness in these movies I never noticed as a child.

I recently saw a funny photo online of a text message that described a movie plot as: a man’s wife is brutally murdered and then his son is kidnapped. He needs the help of a mentally unstable woman to help him rescue his son.

The movie was “Finding Nemo.”

So let’s play a game. You tell me if these are plots to blockbuster, live-action thriller movies or cartoons.

1). A baby is kidnapped and kept in isolation for years. Her only human contact is with her kidnapper, who she thinks is her mother.

2). Six young children are tricked into smuggling diamonds across the globe. During their trek, one group is captured by savage natives on an island, and the others are held captive to be child brides to a young sheik.

3). A lawman has a special bond with a young boy, until another guy shows up on the scene. The two compete for the young boy’s attention, until the lawman eventually pushes the new guy out of a window because of his jealousy.

4). A woman is so ticked off that she wasn’t invited to a child’s birthday party that she throws a giant fit and announces she is going to make sure the baby dies by the time she turns 16.

5). A little girl adopts a homeless kitten and is then kidnapped by a loan shark over a misunderstanding with a pickpocket who owes a huge debt.

1. Rapunzel
2. The Chipmunk Adventure
3. Toy Story
4. Sleeping Beauty
5. Oliver & Company

That’s pretty rough material, but like me as a child, CeCe likes the fairies and the talking animals.

I suppose she will survive these movies just like I did.