Color Psychology and Your Baby’s Room

NurseryColorsWith so many gadgets and prepackaged crib bedding sets, it’s easy to go overboard when decorating a nursery. But when you choose your color scheme and décor, are you considering the impact it will have on your baby’s senses?

Color psychology can affect everything from your mood to your appetite to your spending habits. So what kind of ambience are you creating with your color choice?

Cool Colors: These have a calming effect and reflect the sense of spaciousness. Clear skies or gentle waves are good for inspiration.

Blue is known to reduce feelings of anxiety and encourage relaxation. Keep the blues light, since dark tones can feel gloomy and storm-like. Paired with a soft yellow, this is a great combination of calm and cheery.

Greens reflect nature, and are known to aid in concentration. Green also pairs well with blues or pinks, if you want to be gender specific in your nursery design.

Warm Colors: In moderation, warm colors can stimulate the mind and body. Bold shades can bring on too much stimuli for a small baby and make it hard for their minds to relax.

Reds are often associated with aggression. Oranges and yellows may seem friendly and bright, but the wrong shade can be too intense for a new baby. Pinks are in this category, so look for lighter shades if you want a princess-style nursery. Using warm colors as accent pieces or in muted tones brings a more balanced feel to a baby’s room.

Beyond paint choice, you may wonder what items are really necessary to encourage calm in your baby. Here are some top choices for soothing nursery gear:

  • A glider chair. Cuddling is the perfect way for your child to feel secure. A nice glider makes feedings comfortable for mom, and encourages snuggle time with your newborn.
  • A noise machine. Whether you choose to play music or sounds of rain falling, a noise machine can help an infant adjust to life outside the womb. Machines that replicate the sound of a mother’s heartbeat are nice, but any type of white noise should do the trick.
  • Thick curtains. Sunlight triggers our brains to think, “It’s daytime! Why am I in bed?” Dark curtains can help keep your baby resting at nap time.
  • Ceiling-light projector. Instead of a mobile, which can quickly turn into a choking hazard once your baby can reach and grab, consider a nightlight that projects soft light on the ceiling. Stars, shapes or animals are all as interesting as a mobile, while being safer.

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