Baby Shower Game Guide

If you want your baby shower to be a celebration, what better way than playing party games?

Here are our Top 10 Baby Shower Games:

  • TV Family Game: If you love pop culture, this game is sure to be a hit. Print handouts with the names of the characters from a TV family, and guests have to name the show.
  • Don’t Say Baby: Guests each wear a clothespin, but if they are the caught saying the word “baby,” they lose their pin to the person who caught them. The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize!
  • Guess Who: Ask guests to bring a baby photo of themselves, and then post them on a wall with no names, just numbers. Everyone has to guess who is who from their baby photos. The most correct answers wins!
  • Name Scramble: On a sheet of paper, type out Mom and Dad’s names. Set a timer and have the guests make as many words as they can using only the letters from those two names. Most words within the time frame wins!
  • Baby Gift Bingo: Print out various Bingo cards where the squares are filled with common baby gifts (a pack of pacifiers, a set of pink washcloths, etc;). First person to complete a Bingo card shouts out “Baby!”
  • Diaper Race: Bring some baby dolls and disposable diapers, then have teams race to see who can get them on fastest! This can be an individual game or a relay if you have more people!
  • The Price is Right: A twist on the popular game show, pick out several common baby items and have everyone guess the prices. The closest guess wins!
  • Feed the Baby: Instead of just guessing baby food flavors, get messy by blindfolding both team members and have them attempt to feed applesauce to each other. This is good practice for feeding a wiggly baby!
  • Baby Charades: A perfect game for a low-budget party- simply use baby-related clues for this classic pantomime game!
  • Raffle Prizes: No skill required- just include on the invitation that guests who bring a pack of diapers will receive a raffle ticket and be entered for a great prize! This helps the parents stock up on a much-needed essential in a fun way.

Game prizes don’t have to be huge- a small gift card, candles, bath sets or picture frames are easy choices at a low cost. Remember to tailor your games to your crowd and the mama- some people prefer word games to physical activities. A good time for mom and baby is the goal!