Parents Can Help Toddlers With Preschool Readiness

By Denise Menshouse

preschooler-1It is that time of year again when parents begin planning and preparing for a new school year with their child.

A new year not only applies to school-age children but also to those who attend a child care setting whether re-entering or attending for the first time.

This age group is our population of youngest learners from birth to 5 years old.

Like other high-quality preschools, Growing Together Preschool in downtown Lexington focuses on establishing positive relationships among caregivers, parents and children.

This starts from the time the family joins the program and continues until later in life for many GTP families.

Through these relationships, school readiness is established and lifelong learners are nurtured.

Parents are essential in these positive preschool experiences.

A few helpful tips for parents about preparing for back to school with children of any developmental level include:

  • Talking with caregivers ahead of time about any concerns or information parents would like to share.
  • Establishing consistent bedtime and mealtime routines.
  • Visiting the school with your child prior to the first day or visiting the new classroom ahead of time with your child if she is moving to a new classroom.
  • Reviewing the information sent home with your child and being sure to follow up with any questions or concerns.
  • Talking with your child about their day and planning ahead for what they will be doing the next day.
  • Getting to know not only your child’s teachers, but others within the preschool. For example: the director, the education coordinator, food manager, etc.

Denise Menshouse is the Education & Outreach Coordinator at Growing Together Preschool. GTP was the first inclusive preschool program in the area and practices full inclusion with children of all backgrounds and developmental abilities.