Growing Peaceful Families Offers Parenting Support

“I have noticed joy, loving moments, and a calm in the house, and kindness and motivation to be a good and happy family.”
“I believe I can be the mom my kids need me to become!”
“This has allowed me to see a whole new perspective on parenting.”
“I yell less – they cry less. Win-win!”

These are some of the comments from evaluations for the Redirecting Children’s Behavior Parenting Course.

If I were to add my own comments as I reflect on my experience as a student in the course in 1994, when my daughters were 3 and 4 years old, the RCB Course was the beginning of my real parenting journey.

Our family moved to Lexington in 1998 and I spent a few years preparing to re-enter the work force as a family physician. I decided instead to stay home and raise our children myself, and felt woefully inadequate for the job.

After searching unsuccessfully for parenting support in the area, I decided to become an instructor for the course that had made such a difference in my life.

At about the same time, I met a Montessori teacher, Schuy Roop, who had attended the same course designed for teachers. She was trained as an instructor, too, and we joined together for mutual support and formed Growing Peaceful Families.

Since 2007, we have offered parenting workshops and classes, teacher seminars and support groups.

In collaboration with The Parent and Family Enrichment Center, we offer a monthly Pay It Forward Parent Support Group for parents of 2-10-year-olds.

A unique and wonderful aspect of this support group is the Pay It Forward concept, where attendees can sponsor the next group of parents.

In addition to workshops such as “Getting Out of Power Struggles,” “Discipline That Builds Self-Esteem” and “Making the Twos and Threes Terrific!” we are introducing “Parentry Parties.” These will be similar to the well-known Tupperware parties, except they will be workshops in peoples’ homes.

Our webpage gives information about us, the courses, and has a place to sign up for our newsletter of tips, encouragement and upcoming events.

You also can subscribe to our newsletter by phone.

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit our website, Like us on Facebook, or call 333-3053.

To paraphrase Gandhi: “You must be the change you wish to see in your family.”