2014 Mom Approved: Medical Specialist

We’ve made it our goal to find the Best Doctors in the Bluegrass in the best way we know how – with help from our readers. Moms know better than anyone else which doctors go the extra mile for their patients. So we polled our readers, listened to what they had to say and compiled our list of Mom-Approved Medical Specialists. All doctors were in good standing with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure as of press time.

Next up – Mom Approved Ob-Gyns. To have your voice heard, visit www.lexingtonfamily.com and nominate your favorite Ob-Gyn. That list will run in our September issue.


Dr. John Hill / Dr. Tracie Overbeck
Allergy Partners of Central Ky.
166 Pasadena Dr., #150
109 Daniel Dr., Danville

Dr. Sanford Archer
UK Ear Nose & Throat Dept.
740 S. Limestone / 257-5405

Dr. Rajiv Arora
Family Allergy and Asthma
3292 Eagle View Lane, Ste. 150
263-1900 / www.familyallergy.com

Dr. Joseph P. Bark
Dermatology Consultants
1401 Harrodsburg Road, #C-415

Dr. Anthony Bastecki
A. Bastecki Chiropractic
3101 Richmond Rd. #202 / 266-2223

Dr. Richard Blake
Lex. Clinic East – Cardiology
100 N. Eagle Creek Dr.
258-5327 / www.lexingtonclinic.com

Dr. Ana Lia Castellanos
UK Dept. of Nephrology
800 Rose St. / 323-6789

Dr. Michael Cecil
Lexington Clinic – Ear Nose & Throat
1221 South Broadway / 258-4371

Dr. Rick Graebe, Dr. Regina Callihan, Dr. Kevin Skidmore
Children’s Vision & Learning Ctr.
105 Crossfield Drive / 879-3665

Dr. Carol Cottrill
UK Community Pediatric Cardiology 1760 Nicholasville Road, #602

Dr. Charlie Becknell
Dr. Laurie Massa
Dr. April Ramsey
Dermatology Associates of Ky.
250 Fountain Court / 263-4444

Dr. David P. Ditto, Dr. Stacey N. Kroogel, Dr. John E. Musick
Ditto and Musick Eye Care Center
104 Fairfield Dr. / 887-2441

Dr. Russell Eldridge, Oncology
Baptist Health Lexington
1720 Nicholasville Rd. Bldg E #701
276-0414 / www.centralbap.com

Dr. Lance Ferguson
Commonwealth Eye Surgery
2353 Alexandria Dr. / 224-2655

Dr. Arun Kadambi
Allergy , Asthma & Sinus Center
1136 Monarch St. / 223-0000

Dr. Qutubuddin G. Kahn
UK Neurology
740 S Limestone St., #B101
323-6702 / http://ukneurology.com

Dr. Jamshed Kanga
UK Good Samaritan – Pediatric Pulmonology
740 S. Limestone St. / 257-1000

Dr. Kathleen Martin
Saint Joseph Gastroenterology Associates / 160 N Eagle Creek Dr., #202 / 301-5199

Alison Petras, DO
Paris Family Physicians
8 Linville Dr., Suita A, Paris

Dr. Karen Santos
Hamburg Vision Center
2716 Old Rosebud Ln., #130

Dr. Jaleil Shojaei
Lexington Neuroscience Center 2708 Old Rosebud Rd.
255-1009 / www.lexneuro.com

Dr. Dawn Stratton
Dr. Heechung Ko
Stratton Eyes
535 Wellington Way #160 / 245-2020 / www.strattoneyes.com

Dr. William Wachs, Optometrist
154 Patchen Dr., #71 / 224-2655

Ray Wechman
Georgetown Family Physicians
1138 Lexington Rd., #130 Georgetown / (502) 867-0222

Dr. Rob Wilson
ENT, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists
150 N. Eagle Creek Dr., #102
629-7140 / www.robwilsonmd.com