Expectant Dad Gift Ideas

Father'sDayShopping for Father’s Day can be a difficult task- especially if the new baby hasn’t arrived yet.

Instead of a new tie or coffee mug, check out our list of gift ideas for an expectant dad.

New case for his cell phone or tablet: You may have already baby-proofed your home, but personal electronics need protection too. Look for a case that is water-resistant and shock-proof, so when your new baby gets his hands on dad’s phone it will be protected from drool and dropping.

Tickets: You only have a short window left for doing something spontaneous and fun without needing a babysitter. Get a pair of tickets to a ball game or concert, and enjoy a night out together before the baby comes.

New camera: Cell phone cameras are convenient, but make sure he has a quality camera so he can capture all the precious moments. Any proud dad will want to take all the photos and video he can.

A “Dad Bag”: Diaper bags come in plenty of patterns and colors- so don’t force him to carry the pink floral bag if he is more of a camo guy. A sleek black bag will do the trick, or you can look online and find a bag with his favorite sports team logo.

Books on Fatherhood: Women may love the “What to Expect” library, but dads might need a book written just for them.

If he likes comedy, check out “Dad is Fat” by Jim Gaffigan or “Home Game” by Michael Lewis.

If you’re expecting a girl, “Tea Parties for Dads” by Jenna McCarthy is a crash course in raising a little girl, complete with a princess cheat sheet.

“Handy Dad” by Todd Davis will give him plenty of ideas for DIY projects for building a tree house, skate ramp, and more.