Can We Please Stop Being On the Go?

After this winter of ice and snow that barricaded us indoors, I couldn’t wait for the day when my toddler could get outside and entertain herself in nature.

So imagine my surprise when this glorious summer rolled around and I find us in the car more than the great outdoors.

I tried dragging my toddler outside and telling her to just PLAY.

We have a swing set and a sandbox in our backyard – she should be thrilled. Instead, she whines about wanting to go “somewhere else.”

It doesn’t matter how many toys we have inside or how tricked out our backyard is. I realized the appeal is in going somewhere.

Anything but her own toys and games, anywhere but her own yard or playroom.

Every month I compile the Lexington Family Magazine calendar of family-oriented events, so I have no problem finding fun (and often free) outings for my toddler.

The problem is, I end up feeling like her cruise ship activity director.

We do a few days of camp here, a few days at summer school there, library story times on the weekends, trips to the park when the weather is nice. My gas tank is very unhappy with me for this.

I remember last summer when 2-year-old CeCe was content to sit and splash in her baby pool all afternoon.

But now, my preschooler has expectations. And I’m getting tired.

Scheduled activities can be an enriching experience for a kid, but I’m hoping I can get CeCe to understand that learning to entertain yourself is a valuable life skill.

We can’t always have a packed social agenda, and sometimes your mom and a puzzle are the best you are going to do for the day.

I’m hoping this early summer excitement is a phase, and the shine of constant activities will wear off soon.

Because I’d really like a few afternoons to soak my feet in that baby pool.

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