Wiring the Brain For Academic Success

By Kimberly Hudson

As the end of another school year draws near, I am giddy at the thought of summer and no homework!

I love the less frantic summer schedule – after dinner kick ball games, spending time outside and not rushing every minute of the day.

During the school year, my middle school daughter struggles mightily, working exhaustingly hard to achieve her grades.

I want her to succeed in the classroom as she does on the basketball court.

Her academic performance is not as smooth as her driving down the baseline against two defenders.

But I know that by providing necessary cognitive intervention she will achieve academic ease and success, just as she does in sports.

Did you know that the brain’s neuroplasticity responds to specific cognitive interventions and can increase working memory and processing speed, resulting in improved

logic and reasoning, as well as greater academic performance?

As a speech-language pathologist, I spent years with patients who had suffered a neurological trauma, helping them improve cognitive and communication skills.

This same premise applies to our young people who are struggling in the classroom.

Our brain is our computer system. Some of us have a robust processor and great working memory, which allows us to manage information efficiently and with great success.

However, some of us have poor working memory and reduced processing skills.

It is no different than pitting an older computer against the latest and greatest computer with an amped up processor and the memory of an elephant.

The good news is that directed cognitive intervention can boost that slower computer and make it as efficient as the latest and greatest model.

Until we address the specific neurological deficits our students face, they will not achieve the academic success they desire.

We must look at our students in the same light and provide the necessary tools to improve their memory system and processing speed.

The medical evidence supporting the ability to improve the programming of our brain is abundant.

The Curious Edge can assess your student and customize an intervention to allow for greater academic success.

Please call our office or visit our website and learn how your student’s own computer system can be bolstered to pave the way for greater academic success.